VICO modelo V - Aros
VICO modelo V - Aros
VICO modelo V - Aros

VICO model V - Aros


New hoop earrings * 925 sterling silver. Model C (four different models)
Available in leg 925 with bath of three microns of gold of 18kts. You can choose between three different sizes:

  • Big: 2.8 cm in diameter
  • Medium: 2.2 cm in diameter

Made by hand in Spain.

* Note: This model is placed from the front turning the ring completely,It has silicone protection locks.

Maintenance:Keep away the piece of corrosive agents such as bleach or chlorine and creams and perfumes, as it can vary the color or cause oxidation of the metal. Keep in mind that a piece bathed in gold is obtained by superficially adhering the gold to another metal. Try not to touch the pieces with each other to avoid scratching. The gold-plated pieces should be cleaned with warm water, a few drops of neutral soap and rub gently with a 100% cotton cloth.